Food has always been very important in our lives. The dinner table is often the only time of day a family is all together, and has always been special in our house. We were raised in kitchens, our child was raised in a kitchen, and our grand-daughter is as well now.

We started off doing Kansas City Barbecue Society competitions all across the Midwest in the mid 2000s and did it well for a decade. We took home numerous first, second, and third place prizes in dozens of different competitions. After years of practice, and perfecting our own rub and sauce recipes, we started catering. After a few years of this, realizing how well it was going, we decided to make it official and started looking for a building to bring our dreams to fruition.

We opened Annie's Eats on July 17th, 2018. Our goal is to bring the love we have for food and family, and spread that to others.

Whether it's lunch on your break, dinner for a family of four, or a wedding of 400, we've got you covered!

Annie & Kenny Clem